My latest spot on Fox Business

Check out my latest appearance on Fox Business. I talked about the latest news in stocks, commodities, and inflation. Watch by clicking the link below!

The Violence in Israel and Gaza

The loss of life we have seen over the past week in the Middle East is tragic.  And yes, shed a tear for Israel and the Israelis.  But save your largest measure of sorrow for normal, law abiding Palestinians in the Gaza Strip – while Israel has seen less than 10 people lose their lives (and […]

Remembering San Jacinto Day

Today is the 185th anniversary of the Battle of San Jacinto.  It was a revolutionary battle in every respect, with many lessons.  Two brave Texian soliders died.  More than 700 Mexicans did as well.  With cries of “Remember the Alamo” and “Remember Goliad” the Texians were frenzied in their desire for both freedom and revenge.  A sad element was […]

Winter Has Come to Texas

It’s the Governor’s fault.  It’s the Legislature’s fault.  It’s ERCOT’s fault.  It’s the PUC’s fault.  It’s the fault of wind turbines and renewable energy.  It’s the fault of fossil fuels.  It’s Flyin’ Ted’s fault.  It’s Rick Perry’s fault.  Whew! The amount of finger pointing, circular firing squads, and blame gaming is symptomatic of a political […]

Thoughts on the 2021 Texas Legislative Session

Welcome to the Texas Legislature 2021.  What an opportunity to counter the Washington narrative and carry out the people’s business with calm, dignity and wisdom.  My hope is that partisanship, incivility, and flagrant dishonesty, all of which we see across the aisle both ways in Washington, D.C., will be resoundingly rejected by conservative Republicans and […]

Join me for a call about the economy and global markets

On Wed. January 13th at 11am CT I will be hosting a conference call to discuss the changes in Washington, and what they portend for global markets and the U.S. economy. You can RSVP for the call here:

Thoughts on End of Year Investments

Many investors towards the end of a year turn their thoughts to investment decision-making.  It’s somewhat unfortunate, because wise decision-making on investments is a year round process, not relegated to discrete, small parts of the entire year.  Having said that, this year in particular provides several opportunities to make wise choices from an investment standpoint. […]

Gretchen Seay Recognized as 2020 Dallas 500 Honoree

It is with great pride that I share Gretchen’s latest accomplishment: her recognition as one of the leading investment bankers by Dallas 500. As the Co-Founder and Managing Director at Clearsight Advisors, Gretchen has advised on over 50 M&A and financing transactions for software and IT services clients. Read more about her work by clicking here. 

Yahoo! Finance interview

I went on Yahoo! Finance recently to discuss what is happening with the stock market, and why investors should look beyond tech stocks. Watch the clip by clicking here.

My latest radio appearance

I appeared on Newsradio 1140 AM in Richmond, VA to talk about what’s going on in Congress regarding COVID-19, the national debt, and the economy. Listen –>