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Thank you for visiting my professional website to learn more about Annandale Capital, as well as important civic and philanthropic issues facing Texas and our country. As a seventh generation Texan, I am passionate about our great state and its future. So many critical causes and issues will shape our future, and we should all be engaged and passionate about the Texas common good and a bright future for all Texans. I look forward to hearing your feedback & perspective, and working together for a Texas we can all be proud of, in the process securing a future for our children and grandchildren better than our present.

About George

George Seay is a nationally recognized speaker, civic leader, and financial industry CEO with senior level experience working in government and on GOP political campaigns. George is the founder and chairman of Annandale Capital, a global investment firm that manages capital for clients all across the country.

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George was on Yahoo! Finance to explain why investors diversify their investments with small cap and value stocks and not overconcentrate in tech stocks. Watch

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George Seay on Cheddar

George was on Cheddar to explain which stocks will benefit from the new Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and what investors should do with their portfolios during the

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