Seay the Future

Seay the Future is a podcast hosted by George Seay, a nationally recognized businessman, philanthropist, and civic leader in Dallas, Texas. George interviews influential people in business, politics, academia, the military, and the media. 

Topics include national security, foreign policy, business, American history and politics, Texas history and politics, religion, society, and culture. Some of his guests include former head of US Special Operations Command Admiral Bill McRaven, University of Texas president Jay Hartzell, author Rod Dreher, General Mike Hagee, former Marine Corps Commandant, political strategist Brendan Steinhauser, former Defense Intelligence Agency officer David Springer, CEO of the Clements Center for National Security Dr. Will Inboden, author and editor of The Washington Examiner Tim Carney,  former Air Force Chief of Staff General T. Michael “Buzz” Moseley, Rice University professor Dr. Mark Jones, and many more.