Romney Should Stop Sideshow, Focus on Being Senator

I’ve known Senator Mitt Romney for over a decade.  Know him very well. He spoke to the Legacy group I co-founded multiple times, and when he first ran for President in 2007-2008, I introduced him all over Texas to further his presidential run. He’s a fine person with a world-class intellect and an outstanding family. He’s a great American and has done so much to keep America great, politically, charitably, and commercially. I tip my hat to both him and his wonderful family and wish for them a blessed 2019.

However, I think he really made a mistake attacking the President of the United States before he was sworn in for his first day of service as a US Senator. I understand tactically, strategically and substantively why he did so, but it was a serious error for two reasons. First, the President’s track record to date on conservative policy is superior. He’s cut taxes, slashed regulations, and appointed compelling judges up and down the federal judiciary. He has been a compelling steward of the US economy, and irrespective of what you think of the sausage being made, and the tactics behind that sausage making, his efforts to hold NATO allies accountable for not spending enough on their militaries, and his efforts to promote free and fair trade (especially with China) are long overdue. On policy, we owe the President immense gratitude for his accomplishments. There are many critiques as to methodology and tactics that are readily ascertainable, but I’ll leave it there today.

Second, Senator Romney has a mixed record interacting with the President. He accepted his endorsement for President in 2012, accepted his endorsement for Senate in 2018, and interviewed for Secretary of State and sought the job in late 2016. I would argue he was free to critique the President if he had not accepted assistance, sought a job, and secured endorsements from him in the past, but he did. Under the circumstances, criticism of the level rendered the other day doesn’t seem appropriate, with his past behavior and posture towards the President. Intra-party warfare does nothing to further the Republican Party going into 2020 either. The left has to love the sideshow. I’m hopeful Senator and his advisors will reconsider his posture vis a vis the White House and focus instead on becoming the best freshman senator in the 2019 senatorial class.

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